Our Faculty and Staff
Our Faculty and Staff

Dr. David A. Watson
President NYIBS, Instructor in Bible & Theology
Pastor, Calvary Chapel
B.A., Pastoral Studies/Counseling, Liberty University
Master of Divinity, Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary
Doctor of Ministry, New York Theological Seminary

Tom Riley
Dean, Instructor
B.S.,  Literature, College of Staten Island
M.A., Religion, Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary & Graduate School

Rev. Paul Schooling
B.A., English Education, Montclair State College
B.A., Speech Therapy, Montclair State College
THB, Northeastern Bible College
M.A., Education, Merrymont University

LaVerne White
B.A.  Psychology, Herbert H. Lehman College
Master of Arts, Children’s Literature, New York University

Lillian Riley
B.A. Psychology/Counseling, Pillar College
Master of Arts, Counseling Liberty University

NYIBS Registrar

Deb Watson
B.S., Educational Ministries/Counseling, Liberty University

NYIBS is also privileged to have other instructors who teach classes
on an Itinerant Basis.