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        -All courses for 2020 Fall Term 2 are virtual unless indicated otherwise-

Monday Evening Courses:   November 2nd - December 14th   

Bible Survey 2 –  7:00pm – 8:25pm                                                              Instructor: Dr. David A. Watson
The Historical Books (Joshua - Esther)
Required Books: Class Notes $12;  Talk Thru the Bible, Wilkerson  
This course will fulfill one of your Bible Survey requirements for certificate completion -- four are needed

The Theology of Spiritual Maturity–  8:35pm - 10:00pm                             Instructor:  Dr. David A. Watson
A Comprehensive Guide to Spiritual Maturity          
Required Books:  
The Pursuit of Holiness, Bridges  

Tuesday Evening Course:  November 3rd - December 15th

Bible Survey 6 –  7:00pm - 8:25pm                                                                Instructor: Dr. Lawrence Taylor
The Epistles and Revelation
Required Books:  Talk Thru the Bible, Wilkerson   
This course will fulfill one of your Theology Survey requirements for certificate completion - four are needed

Wednesday Evening Courses:  November 4th - December 16th

Theology Survey 5 –  7:30pm - 9:00pm                                                               Instructor:  Chris Rendinaro
Angels and the End of the Age       
Required Books:
Class Notes $12; Basic Theology, Ryrie  

Counseling 4105 -  7:30pm – 9:00pm           Instructor: AACC Video Lecturers; LaVerne White, Facilitator
Advocacy and Intervention
Required Books: Caring for Kids God's Way Workbook & AACC Membership    $200
Workbook is used for Counseling 4101-4105; tuition is free for term in which book is purchased.                      

     Note:  Counseling 4101 - 4105 are taught in conjunction with The American Association of Christian Counselors' Certificate
Program.  Students will earn NYIBS credit for each of the five courses in the series, as well as a certificate from
    the American Association of Christian Counselors upon completion of all five courses.

Saturday Morning In-person Modular Course - Nov 7, Nov 21, Dec 5 - 9:00am - 12:00pm
Leadership 4                                                                                                       Instructor:  Dr. David A. Watson
Succession in Leadership                                                                  
Required Books:  Class Notes $10; Disciples are Made, Not Born, Henrichsen
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